Nurkowanie Egipt - Dive-Top


If you have not been under water yet you have this ideal opportunity to do it with us. We offer diving courses, intro descents, that is diving for greenhorns and snorkeling – admiring an underwater world from the surface of water. All is safe and professional.


the most popular form of “sightseeing” of the underwater world for so-called “rookies”, that is persons, who have never been in touch with diving or they do it occasionally and have never signed up for due course. Intro consists in descent underneath the water to a low depth in the company of an experienced guide, after a brief discussion of basic rules governing under water and terms of safety. It is literally carried out by holding hand and is under 100% control of our guide. It is a fantastic holiday adventure, which with many of you results in taking a diving course and becoming a real diver. An only thing you need to have are readiness and swimming trunks, the remaining part, which is the whole equipment and its service is our job.


you can sojourn on the boat without diving and have fun too. A lot of people take their non-diving acquaintances or the family. Delightful water colours, which present themselves in their full beauty beside the very reef can be admired from the boat. Often, a school of frolicking dolphins swimming near the boat, and even a turtle just underneath the surface or flying fish too can be not seldom spotted. Apart from that, the boat itself gives opportunities to lounge and bathe in the sunshine or lie in the shaded area on our comfortable mattresses and pouffes. And a delicious buffet lunch is served at around noon. In addition to that, we offer snacks such as fruit salads, cakes and fresh juice. All combined together gives us an unforgettable day at sea.


it is something between diving and sojourn on the boat. Aside from all advantages of stay on our boat, admiration for underwater world from the water surface using “abc”, that is an oxygen mask, a snorkel and flippers is included in it too. With one’s face submerged and looking down using the mask, we breathe by means of snorkel and move with the help of flippers. Thus, we do not need to use a diving equipment and an oxygen cylinder to see an underwater world. Be cautious though: snorkeling often leads to intro or even a diving course. Since diving is like a disease – develops quickly and is contagious.


Many of you when once see how an underwater world looks like – will never be the same again. And you become a diver. The first real step to it is an elementary diving course – PADI which can be taken with us. Beginning with theory, through exercises in shallow water, and ending in deep water and an exam – we complete the course, which later allows us to dive as deep as 18m all over the world. All in a warm, clear water among plenty of fish and sea creatures. It is nothing as hard as might seem to some of you. And by looking at seasoned divers think yourselves that some time ago they were also such “newbies” like you as it comes to diving. So get on with it!!!