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Safaga is a small, picturesque town removed at 56 km southward off Hurghada. Cloudless sky, sunny weather, peace and quiet, and lovely coral reefs make this place unique not onlt to diving amateurs. The town alone, as far as 3 km off several hotels literally, effectively defied influences of commercialization, thanks to which you can face there a pure Egyptian life, culture and Arabic customs. You can have a chat with a random passer-by, play domino at a bar, smoking shisha and sipping at an excellent, regional tea. Everyone there can feel safe. And you crave for more, then in so-called Downtown, that is the old part of Safaga you will experience an even greater dose of folklore.


Safaga is much less visited by tourists as opposed to Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh or Dahab, thanks to which local reefs are nearly virgin and intact, and underneath the water you will see more fish than divers there. Reefs in the vicinity of Safaga are considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and the local waters offer a great deal of exciting diving sites. After already a few minutes’ travelling by boat we will reach first reefs inhibited by the majority of tropical species of fish. Dolphins, turtles, morays, lionfish, rays, octopuses… All of those are here waiting for you. Sailing further, beyond the gulf we can sightsee genuine pearls, which can compete with the best sites of the Red Sea. The walls and plateau of the Reef Panorama and Abu Kefan, lovely gardens of the Middle Reef and Shab Sheer or monumental wrecks of Salem Express ferry and El Khafein cargo ship will please each diver’s eye. In short, we have got everything in Safaga: shallower gardens, over 100-meter walls with fine shelves and shipwrecks.


We are based on the beach beside marina in Safaga, in the northern part of the town. There is our Dive-Top tavern situated and there we spend most time that we have to consume after diving pursuits. You can smoke shisha with us there, drink up beer, watch photos and videos of dives, listen to music, avail yourself of a free Wi-Fi network… simply get relaxed. Out diving base, compressor, oxygen cylinders, equipment may be found nearby in the hotel – “Yasmine”.