Nurkowanie Egipt - Dive-Top



we purchase it at the air port, it costs 25$, it is best to have an exact change ready to pay


Egyptian pound (L.E.) is an Egyptian currency. 1€ is around 20L.E., that is to make calculations easier let us assume that 50L.S. is around 10zł, and 10le is 2zł.


an only document required at the entrance gate to Egypt is passport, which must be valid for the minimum of 6 months from the date of purchased return to Poland. It is worth checking it not to be withdrawn yet at Polish airport.

Euro or dollars

often question is asked which currency we should take. There is a myth alive in Egypt that a 1:1 Euro to Dollar conversion is applied. In truth, in some shops prices are given in dollars and when paying in Euros the amount of money is the same. However, when we exchange it in bank, Euro to dollar ratio is the same as in any other place in the world.


at the entrance to Egypt no additional vaccinations are required


with the purchase of trip from Polish travel agency we provide a medical insurance, which is useful at doctor’s visit. However, it does not include diving package. It is advisable to purchase a special insurance in Hestia or Dan.

Diving day

assembly for diving is about 8:30. Our minibus will transport you to marina, from where we sail for diving, there we will take 2 dives underneath the water surface in two spots, we serve a delicious lunch on the boat and about 3.00-4.00 p.m. we sail back to harbor, from where we will take you back to hotel. In Marsa Alam, where dives are held off shore, return is about 1.00 p.m. so you will still find enough time to eat a hotel lunch.

Diving equipment

most divers owns their diving equipment. In case you want – you can easily rent it in our place.

Children on the boat

our boat “Iga” is friendly to children, your kids at each age have already been to our place, from babies to teenagers. Lunch takes form of a buffet, so everyone will find something for oneself, there are books onboard for children (and not only) about fish and Egypt, and our crew will gladly take care of children when you – parents will be with us under water.

What we should take onboard

it is needless to remember to take too many items: swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and diving license. And of course do not forget about diving equipment if you have such. Passport is not required, drinks and food is included in price.

Non-diving persons

if you do not dive and you still want to take a non-diving family with you, no need to worry that they would get bored – we have got lots of spots to lie down on mattresses and pouffes, beautiful coral reefs to watch when snorkeling under water, look for dolphins, and some people even like jumping from the upper deck into water

What foam we should take

the matter here depends a little on thermophilic nature, but generally water is very warm (27-30°) in summer months until October and it is possible to dive in thinner foams, and there occur also those who dive without them. In winter and springtime we recommend that you wear 5 or 7mm foams, hood is also useful.