Nurkowanie Egipt - Dive-Top



Our cozy tavern, where on diving activities we sit together smoking hookah and drinking mugs of beer, watch tv and photos of diving from a few hours before, listen to music and indulge in time, which is here one of the laziest in the world, is situated on the beach by marina. We also provide access to free Wi-Fi. Our tavern is the place, where we usually sit after diving activities, that is from 4.00 to 4:30 p.m., until late evening hours J It is your place too.


Wanna see Hurghada? No problem. We organize evening expeditions, during which you get this opportunity to visit restaurants and bars serving seafood, stroll along the boardwalk, make a purchase in countless souvenir shops or visit a diving shop. You can also stop by the shopping mall –  Senzo Mall on the outskirts of the town. There is a large supermarket with foodstuffs (with spices and fruit too), souvenirs, tobacco and hookah accessories. In addition, there are lots of smaller shops supplied with clothes, toys, as well as bars, restaurants and cafes, Mc Donald’s and KFC. Hurghada lies 60km away from Safaga, reachable in less than an hour. We can offer you comfortable, air-conditioned mini-buses with the driver at your disposal. You can spend an evening on touring around Hurghada with entire family or a group of other sightseers.


Have you ever wondered how does non-tourist, authentic and real Egypt look like? We can take you to so-called old Safaga (downtown). In this southernmost part of the town you will see how a real Egyptian district is like. There are a few souvenir shops, where you could buy gifts for friends and family and help keep the business of this rarely visited site alive. Local cafes, where old Egyptians wearing authentic galabija sit over tea and play a variety of interesting games are worth seeing. An absolute hit is a barber, at whose work you can easily take a closer look. With any luck, you can watch shaving with the use of special razors. Alike it is in each quarter, there is a mosque with a high minaret. You can rent a minibus with us, which will take you there and wait until you see everything.


Nothing compares to ride on quad bikes in the desert. We will organize an incredible expedition, during which you will experience the unknown. Wrapped in keffiyeh, with sunglasses on and gusts of wind in hair you will feel a little bit like Paris-Dakar rally participants J you will also see from a close distance that desert is unnecessarily a vastness of sand. The local here is called Hamada and is covered with rock blocks and crumbs.

Aside from a ride alone you will relish other highlights too. You will have a stop at Bedouins’ village, where you will take the opportunity to sip at traditional Bedouin tea and have a ride on a camel – typical means of transport used by desert inhabitants.


If your desire is to see the Valley of the Kings and Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, then we will readily organize a trip to Luxor. Modern and air-conditioning minibuses will give you a tour around the most eye-catching monuments of Luxor and neighbourhood. You will get in touch face to face with a real history of people inhabiting Egypt nearly 5.000 years ago. The guide will tell you detailed stories behind each monument. In the meantime you will have a chance to buy papyri and alabaster figurines there, and during the break you will eat a local lunch.

It’s a must for history and architecture lovers.


Umm El Howeitat called Ghost City these days is a settlement in the middle of desert raised by the crucial phosphates extraction site in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th cent. Until 1919 and functioning infrastructure with apartments, schools, a hospital, shops, mosques, and even a prison was built at a later time. In its glorious days, 16 000 people led an almost self-reliant life in town. In countless mines, phosphate was extracted using a dynamite, and then it was transported by rail to Safaga. In 1996, flood triggered by a violent thunderstorm caused severe damage to Umm El Howeitat. Decline in resources and damage in this area resulted in mine closure and relocation of people. The city has been deserted since 2000. Trip to Ghost City is held by riding on quad bikes.


„Mons Claudianus” was a Roman quarry in the eastern desert of Egypt. This site owes its name to emperor Claudius, who started mining as first. An unusually precious grey granite (granodiorite) of Ancient Rome was extracted in this site. Mine held its own garrison, night shelter for civilians and labourers or a centre for provision and transport. In place of former mine and encampment, some columns (the largest is 18 metres high and weighs 200 tonnes), damaged washbasins, bathtubs, fragments of the building have also survived until this day apart from chips of ceramics and written documents. The camp was surrounded by walls and towers and could contain about 1000 people.

Trip to Mons Claudianus is held by riding jeeps.