Nurkowanie Egipt - Dive-Top


We own a very comfortable boat, which is the best in region. Much larger than standard boats sailing for daily diving activities. „Iga” was once a boat intended for long and far seafaring expeditions type of safari, designed to ensure a maximum comfort. We are still working on its enhancements so that you could make yourselves at home on it, and even better.


Its enormous size makes preparation for diving very comfortable, and everyone has lots of space for an equipment box and a cylinder with a fully rigged jacket and an automaton. We have comfortable stations for 30 divers. You always have got everything at its assigned spot here and there is no way of feeling crushed or squeezed. A below diving platform, from which we jump into water also contains as much room that even 3 groups can get ready for entering the water, utterly not interrupting each other. Fresh water on the platform allows to rinse after leaving the water.


We have got 2 spacious decks for relaxation in shade and sunshine. There is a great deal of mattresses and pouffes (over 30 spots) at your disposal, which will turn your waiting time for dives into a laidback time and blissful idleness. They are deployed on two highest levels. The highest of them is screened off wind so that even in winter months you can bask there in the Egyptian sun.


We serve a delicious buffet lunch in the boat’s commodious living room. You will always find here a broad variety of salads, meat or fish, rice and pasta or potatoes as well. Everything is concocted on the boat by our excellent cook. We serve coke, water, different kinds of tea and coffee in unlimited amounts throughout a day. After diving activities we serve refreshments, which you will not find on other boats: fruit salads, cakes and fresh fruit juice. All included in price.


These amenities are not provided on other boats for daily dives. Pontoon called zodiac as well diversifies diving time – we can start and finish them in any place, and thanks to it we can see more than during typical dives. It is also irreplaceable in emergency situations and thanks to it we can feel safer. Electricity is useful when charging up a camera or a torch before the next dive. And thanks to Wi-Fi we can be in a constant touch with a family and friends and close professional business so that they do not lie heavy on us throughout a holiday.