Nurkowanie Egipt - Dive-Top


The most popular and best form dedicated to licensed divers is a 5-day diving package, thanks to which you have this opportunity to see the most interesting diving sites in the surroundings. All dives are held with an experienced diver-guide, who apart from leading a group and perfect knowledge of hiding places of various odd underwater creatures, will help with configuration of equipment, will select the weight of ballast and will remind about safety rules and how to dive in a group. You do not need to be stressed out that you are beginner divers and you will spend time with more experienced ones or vice versa – we arrange groups based on licenses and experience so that you can get the most of your diving holidays in a stress-free and safe way.

Organization of a diving day

We set sail for everyday dives past 9 o’clock, after we take you from hotels. We dive twice in two different places, and between them we serve a tasty lunch on the boat. We sail back from the expedition about 4 p.m. and take you back to your hotels. If you still crave for more sensations, you can drop into our snug tavern, smoke shisha or drink some beer while lying comfortably on our cushions.

Diving by night

During a diving week there is a possibility of diving at night, which is an opportunity to familiarize with nightly habits of underwater inhabitants of the Red Sea and take a closer look at those, which we will not meet by day.


If you wish to see what is hidden underneath water surface with no use of equipment – snorkeling is an ideal option. Using a snorkel and mask, you can feast your eyes on ravishing multi-coloured corals, search after a flatfish, a moray eel, and even an octopus, and a turtle or dolphin with a bit of luck. It is also a fine selection if you want to snorkel, and you do not want to leave your family behind in the hotel. They will certainly not get bored, and there is a chance of getting hooked on it and become interested in intro or diving course.

Intro diving

It is an excellent opportunity for so-called “newbies”. Under the watchful eye of a seasoned guide you will go down underneath the water surface and by holding hand you will be toured around our underwater world.



You can start with us your underwater adventure with a Padi OWD course or hone your skills by participating in remaining courses, beginning with AOWD course.  See more


If you want to take part in as many dives as possible within a week and see new sites then safari is a perfect choice for you. We sail out in a large and comfortable boat for a week time and visit sites inaccessible when opting for one-day cruises. We sleep on board, eat and dive. You will touch the mainland the first and last day only. We organize a diving safari around all the charming corners of the Red Sea for groups on top-class boats: the northern kingdom of shipwrecks, adorable walls and “big game” on Brothers or captivating garden of the south too… There are bounties to choose from. See more


You will rent both single elements of diving equipment and the full kit at our place.


We own cylinders with professional sidemount valves. You can also order smaller or larger cylinders (8, 15l), twins, all sorts of nitrox and oxygen.


We have got our own very comfortable boat that is the best in the region. It is much larger than standard boats sailing for daily dives. “Iga” was once a boat intended for long and remote seafaring voyages type of safari, designed to ensure a maximum of comfort. We are still working on its improvements so that you can feel yourself at home on its board and even better.

The advantages of our boat:
  • spacious diving deck and living room
  • savoury food included in price
  • pontoon and electricity on safari boats
  • access to Wi-Fi network